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Bulgarian Tea Bad Cholesterol Pressure 30 x 1.5g

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In the hectic rhythm of our everyday life, we do not pay attention to the mild symptoms. Only when heart attacks, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure begin to feel sensitively, we think about cholesterol. It can be very, very good when it turns into vitamin D in the skin , or when it supports the metabolism of carbohydrates. Chief provider of vital adrenal hormones.

And it can be bad when it builds up in the arteries to bind to other substances and turns into a plaque that narrows and hardens them. If the arteries to the kidneys are affected, this leads to high blood pressure; if the leading to the brain is affected, senile dilation may occur, and atherosclerosis of the heart arteries may cause angina or heart failure.

Herbs in this tea help expand blood vessels, improve their elasticity, regulate blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.

Vitamins C and A stimulate the resistance of the immune system, slow cell aging and are a significant factor in reducing the risk of heart disease. Together with minerals zinc contributes to lower levels of harmful cholesterol.

The vitamin substance is selected for hot water infusion. One cup of tea contains at least 25% of the daily vitamin demand for an adult.

Ingredients : Mint, horsetail, rosehip, hawthorn with leaves, nettle, roots dandelion, lemon balm, strawberry leaf, lime, vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc sulphate

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